Envelope exchanges for Flourish Forum
Calligraphers love to share our work with each other. Below are some of the envelopes and cards that I have sent in those exchanges.

Holiday Cards


This bear is toasty warm in his turtleneck sweater, but it’s unraveling to wish you “Happy Holidays”. Individually illustrated and calligraphed in white gouache & gold watercolor, each card is personal and unique. The white lettering on red envelopes makes sure these beauties stand out in any pile of holiday cards.

Hand calligraphed red envelopes for the holidays
Hand illustrated and calligraphed red holiday cards
Hand illustrated and calligraphed red holiday cards

Bees and flowers mail exchange


Giant bumble bees in fuschia and yellow visit newly blossoming flowers for spring. The envelopes combine a slanted script names with straight block address for a clean, crisp, modern look.

Spring card and envelope suite
Hand calligraphed envelopes in pink and white

Halloween Exchange


"Quoth the Raven Nevermore" —Edgar Allen Poe
The grey, black and cream color scheme of this card suite creates a moody feel.

Halloween card and envelope suite
Close up of raven

Envelopes have been censored to protect the innocent.