Final Amelia Protiva Logo

Calligraphic logo

Amelia is a photographer who wanted to update the hand-lettered logo she already had. Her company vision had shifted and she wanted new branding that reflected it. She was looking for something high-end with stunning detail, that still reflected her love of nature and soft light. With these goals in mind, I sent Amelia 3 sketches.

3 logo sketches
She was pretty torn between the 1st and 3rd, but decided ultimately she loved the clean elegance of the first. The next steps were to perfect the shapes and digitize it, keeping her updated a long the way. Texture and gradients were added to keep the airiness she so loved. However, the resulting lines would not necessarily hold up in all applications. After discussing our options, we decided that there would be a second logo very similar to the first, but with thicker flourishes and no texture. This would allow her the freedom to put her logo where ever she imagined. She could have it engraved on wood, use it as a watermark on her photos, and use it very small on business cards. The final logo was simply in shades of grey so Amelia could make incorporate it in any color.

In the end, a classic, but flowing logo was created. With the flexibility in colors, this logo should stay fresh for many years.

Logo mockups on website, stationary, & wood