an assortment of the original illustrations
In the month of April, I joined an Instagram challenge to create one letter everyday. This really did become a challenge. I already usually draw everyday, but usually I skip the weekends to give my hands and mind a break. So coming back everyday for almost 4 weeks was hard! Luckily, so many of you encouraged me on Instagram and kept me going. By the end it was a very enjoyable way to end the day.

As a way to commemorate my journey, I have created a poster (available on Society6). I’m not going to lie; It was hard to come back to this series after I finished it. I needed a week or 2 break, before I could even look at it again. But you all asked for a poster, so I made it happen! Thank you for all your support through this journey.

full poster available on Society6

As an extra little special treat to my biggest fans, I’ve posted a few process videos below. If there is a specific letter you would like to see, let me know!

Each illustration was done on my iPad Pro in Procreate. Most of my favorite brushes are among the stock options—notably the HB pencil and Flat Brush. The custom brushes that I used most often for this series was a flat italic brush that I made and this amazing Leonardt Principal brush by The inked hand. I usually started with the lettering. It is often less flexible than a bendy fish. Then, I sketch the sea critter around it. Adding texture as I go. Those are the flashes that you can see in the process. I’m adding textures that I have premade, and they show up as black and white before I apply a blending mode to them.

If you are interested, here’s my italic procreate brush for free!

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