From Medieval illuminations to 20th century engrossing, together we can create a unique award, certificate, or diploma.

Marin Waldorf School does something truly unique for their graduating students every year. A tradition started by a previous parent and calligrapher themselves, the school gets a diploma designed specially for the year and then the parents paint them themselves when possible. I am absolutely honored to have been recommend to take on this special tradition.

Medieval Illumination Inspired

Full diploma for the Marin Waldorf School 8th graders with red illuminated M by Katie Leavens
Names have been changed to protect the innocent

20th Century engrossing inspired

Full diploma for the Marin Waldorf School 2021 graduates with red illuminated M in a mid-century style on blue shield by Katie Leavens
Names have been changed to protect the innocent

The painting session with the parents went really well. I taught them how to lay down a smooth layer of paint, add highlights, and veins. There was a handout that included space for them to practice before painting on the actual diploma. Also included, were ideas for other patterns to customize the letters with. Each diploma was a unique treasure ready for their graduates by the end of the session. I only wish I had gotten pictures!

Thank YOU! It was a special day and we appreciate your guiding us all in it. ... I thought the day went really beautifully and appreciate your careful preparation to help make that so.

Looking for something similar?

Having an event where custom illuminated diplomas or certificates would just be the perfect finishing touch? Please, contact me and we can start making a beautiful, unique piece of art together!